How Can I Use My Talents to Reach Stakeholders?

Although it can seem intimidating to start a campaign that reaches hundreds or even thousands of people with your talent, tons of young people have done it before—which means you can do it, too!

Before analyzing how you can draw more attention to a cause, make sure you read up on everything there is to know. Take note of the figureheads involved in the issue or those who have discussed it in-depth, whether through seminars or social media. These are people you’ll probably want to partner with when your campaign comes together! You can invite them as a guest on a seminar, podcast, or video you’ll create as part of your campaign. For example, MUNI on This is a local bi-monthly podcast where hosts Jen Horn and Ayen dela Torre reflect with guests on their shared anxieties about the current state of the planet. They discuss ways to spread more hope and awareness while galvanizing people to take action and make the world a better place, bit by bit.

After that, figure out your goals. What specific change do you want? Are you trying to change the way people perceive a specific issue, like the way schools and workplaces tackle mental health? Or are you trying to raise enough money to donate to a cause?

Then, figure out who can help champion your cause. What are they like? What are they involved in? What do they like consuming–online articles, social media posts, or videos? Ironing this out will help you figure out the best ways to get your message across, especially since you’ll be reaching out to people who are already interested in what you have to say.

Then, partner with like-minded people who can cross-reference the educational material you’ll use to spread awareness. Two heads are better than one, and they’ll definitely catch any grammatical errors, typos, or inaccurate information before you upload it. Together, you can create compelling content to go with whatever medium you choose to carry out your campaign, whether it’s a performance, a poem, a comedy show, or even a sculpture. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether it’s from your teachers, organization leaders, support groups, or even the government, they probably have access to resources that would typically be difficult to acquire. By assembling people who are just as passionate about you for a cause, you can make anything happen.


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